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12 January 2012 @ 09:10 am
They Then Ate the Sailors  
It was a little like when your sister played her Christian rock
and you'd drown it out with some Led Zeppelin, both of you
studiously turning upward notch after notch, until someone
yelled, just turn it off. Or perhaps it was most like the car
that pulls alongside at a stoplight, bass hunkered down, shaking fast.
And you'd respond, of course—a song you love enough to open up,
display the fierce teeth of noise. The two of you, continents of sound
that never merge, but simply break apart, eventually,
into separate neighborhoods. It wasn't even all that beguiling,
how they sang—just sweet enough to stir the ear toward home,
to recall the long trips east, to the shore, to the house
with its rough wooden doors. The rolling windows and the night
pitched just a little higher than the voice, your mother eating ice
from a cup, singing Leonard Cohen.

-Hannah Craig, They Then Ate the Sailors